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  • 你的完美身材

    Psssst! The secret to college success is finding a school that truly fits you. When you make the right match, everything just falls into place. If food is your passion—cooking it, 烤它, 分享它, watching videos about it—then the CIA may be your perfect fit. 食物也是我们的生命! Our bachelor’s and associate degree programs can introduce you to so many different and exciting career paths, where the opportunities are as wide open as your dreams.


    Ready to explore the world of food and hospitality? It’s never too soon to start learning more about the CIA and where your future can lead. 我们开始吧!




    Check out an informative walking tour or join us for a convenient online event. Our campus visits and virtual events are a great way to learn about the total CIA experience firsthand—from academic programs and residence halls to student life and hands-on classes. 渴望更多? Get cooking with our expert tutorials and recipes.

    学习 about amazing food careers

    Imagine an Amazing Career

    Do you dream about becoming a professional chef or pastry chef? Opening your own restaurant? 对你有好处! Lots of CIA graduates have done exactly that. You can also become a baker, 承办酒席的人, 活动策划人, 美食作家, 研究厨师, 美食媒体人, 饮料总监, sustainability advocate, 烹饪老师, food business owner…no matter what your interests, there’s a career path that’s just right for you.



    So what’s the best way to prepare for your career in food and hospitality? Go to college at the CIA! We’re all about hands-on learning in our kitchens and bakeshops; real-world learning in our restaurants, 实习, and travel experiences; and food-focused learning when studying important subjects like management, 科学, 历史和文化, 和可持续性.

  • One of the 50 Most Beautiful 校园

    Our Hyde Park, NY campus made 《十大菠菜靠谱老平台》最近的名单!
  • 十大菠菜靠谱老平台

    Hyde Park, NY 12538-1499
  • 你知道吗??

    CIA is the only school with nine student-run, award-winning public restaurants in top U.S. 美食家的目的地.